Show Me All You’ve Got!

If I told you, “I would make you rich would you follow me on Facebook®, Twitter®, to the voting polls or home? If I showed you all you need to bring prosperity into your life, instead of fearing poverty from lay-off, would you follow me on Facebook®, Twitter®, to the voting polls or home? If so, I have waited all my life for you. Would you help me make it so? If I told you poverty, disease, terrorism...

Rising to the Top!

When you sit in your chair today, stop for a moment to ponder, to introspect. Who will make you rise from that chair? Who ultimately determines the thoughts in your mind as you sit quietly in that chair? Now, that you have answered the questions, you get to make a choice. Yes, you still possess the power of choice. Will you sit in the chair and continue your rut or will you begin to use the power of choice...

Shall We Dance in the Moonlight?

Shall we dance in the moonlight? Will you dance with me please? For us to enjoy this moment together, we each must know we can dance, and, we must trust each other to be our very best. Our gift of dance is not gender based, reliant upon a region or religion, nor a lack of any of these. We are two dancers and we are heading to the moonlight. We shall not see the color of our eyes or skin for the moon is...

What type of Leader are you,” A Brick Layer or a Stone Mason?”

Every time I think about today’s education system I hear Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall song playing in the back of my mind. I current education system was based on the needs of the industrial revolution. Factory workers needed to be made in short order that were able to read, write and perform basic math functions. Being able to memorize sequences was a necessary commodity of the day. In today’s...

Vote with Love in Your Heart

When you look to the New Year do you look upon it with hope for another year to create within, or, do you look to another to create something within that year for you?  Creativity brings happiness, so, the way to a Happy New Year is to create it.  What will you create in the approaching year?  Do you long for prosperity and happiness?  Then, consider helping to create the Prime Law Movement within the Twelve...

Can You See Life Differently?

When you were young, did you believe the world was flat, from your perspective of walking down the street?   Was it perplexing to accept the concept that it isn’t flat when your school teacher informed you that your flat walk to school wasn’t flat at all?  Do you remember feeling like you would never “grow-up” soon enough?  Do you remember your first date?  Did you see life differently then than...


Can you imagine a world without taxes?  Why not?  Have we bought into “a bill of goods” for so long that we don’t see how we give our politicians and bureaucrats “double the pleasure” while we curtsey to their futures?  For a moment “steal” your mind from the media, politics and religion.  “Still your mind” to youthfulness, a time when you believed you could “hang the moon” and you...

Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

This is a new release from the Napoleon Hill (NH) Society which I found interesting since Napoleon Hill passed away in 1970. The explanation for the delay was that Mrs. Hill was so scared of the fallout from the topic that she refused to let Mr. Hill publish it. The manuscript was handed down to the next generation of Hill and they had the same concern. Finally one of the ancestors was brave enough to release...

Signs of Life!

Remember when you  looked up, looked down and all around?  Remember when you contemplated being able to fly?  Remember racing your bike and your best friend with your “own two feet”?  Can you remember “standing tall” to reach something or to be seen as “mature”?    Do you remember “a bit of fear” while learning to: swim, jump rope, climb a tree, or pour the first hot beverage?  Learning...

Ten Signs of Awakening Your Inner Child

Time and space in a complicated life, tend to cause us to detach from ourselves so that seemingly, life’s burdens do not trouble us too much. In doing this we detach ourselves from our inner being. However, within each of us is the innate ability to move beyond circumstances and into fully integrated perceptions and thought. This becomes our vehicle towards the re-birth of the inner child. You were never...
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