Shall We Dance in the Moonlight?

Shall we dance in the moonlight? Will you dance with me please? For us to enjoy this moment together, we each must know we can dance, and, we must trust each other to be our very best. Our gift of dance is not gender based, reliant upon a region or religion, nor a lack of any of these. We are two dancers and we are heading to the moonlight. We shall not see the color of our eyes or skin for the moon is so slender.

The curve of your spine and the curve of mine are very similar. We have no need to speak for the music of love is our guide. Oh the hand of Mother Nature made us so similar. Yet to know the difference requires we go on a moon walk together. Together we shall discover the sun rises and falls, as do our chests while we breathe in the intoxicating scent of the briar bush and the sweet scent of each other. We need not feel uncomfortable with the way that we step or breathe as this is the newness of life the world over.

Over and over again, we step into the darkness. We discover that each step and breath, in-tune with the beat of Mother Earth, brings us together and we begin to dance. Some would lead us to believe that we are so different, just to remain in power. But I have learned that I am empowered when you dance in the moonlight with me. Please dance in the moonlight with me so that you might also feel this intoxicating power. Oh, to lead with your heart and take another’s hand is so very invigorating.



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©2009 Mark Hamilton HG2010